Monday, April 5, 2010

Soccer shoes

David and Selvyn enter to a soccer field with a ball in their hands.
{The video camera will focus on their sport shoes. They will walk slowly and watch the field, put the ball in the flour and watch the goalie.}
Antonio: (will start kicking the ball sometimes and he shot really badly) (with a par of horrible sport shoes)
David: (watches him and smile)
Selvyn: (watches him) Okay you shot if you think you can do it better
David: (start shooting really well)
Antonio: Because “The Best has to use the best”
David: Adidas the sport shoes of David Ponce
(Walk away playing with the ball)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Video Uploads

Guys, I understand that you're having some difficulties with the uploads; however, if you continually meet with difficulty just note the following:
1. Bring your commercial Monday with a computer that you know will play the video.
2. Post your script to the blog as soon as possible.

Mr. Steve

P.S. Selvin, David, and Antonio; Cristian, Katlin, and Nicole - Great Work!


Selvyn Rojas

Antonio Medina

David Ponce


-Sedal logo appears and music starts.

-Some images of the product appears.

-Then a video of Nelsy and Krizia:

-Krizia & Nelsy: They both Have a head bed and talk about it of how bad their hair looks.

-Krizia & Nelsy: They decise to use Sedal to look if it really works.

-Krizia & Nelsy: They apply the prosct and see how wonderful it is.

-Krizia & Nelsy: They decides 2 tell other people why they think is good andwhy they like it.

-Another image of the product appears and music starts again but a different song.

-Information about the video comes.